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Abseil and facade access products - Davit arms, abseil post and abseil rail systems.


A range of abseil and facade access systems designed to be safe and easy to use and install. The EdgeSeil products are designed to improve safety, ease of access and be better for the environment.

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EDP-0450 1U.jpg

EdgeSeil Post

Abseil post and anchor point for facade access

ESD-1500-1500 (29.06.2022).jpg

EdgeSeil Davit

Davit system for facade access

EdgeSeil Davit Base

Davit bases or sockets

EdgeReil System

Abseil rail for facade access and fall safety

Facade Access Solutions

Facade access solutions are used to safely access and work on the exterior surfaces of buildings and structures. These solutions are critical for performing maintenance, cleaning, repairs, inspections, and other tasks on high-rise buildings and structures that are difficult to access through traditional means.

Sayfa Group have a number of innovative facade access solutions, suitable for buildings with complex architectural designs and facades. Our Davit systems allow safe rope access along the building, the abseil post is a simple solution in areas where space is limited. Sayfa monorail or abseil rail system provides continuous access along the building facade and has low visual impact.

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