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Davit bases or sockets are part of the abseil or rope access systems.
Davit Base.Socket  - Parapet Mounted.jpeg

Davit System

The EdgeSeil™ Davit base or socket range includes various mounting configurations, base plate and weathering post sizes as well as fixing options.

Each base is type tested for compliance to BS8610:2017 and includes material and finish optioing options to provide up to a 30 year wwarranty and 60 year life cycle.

Davit Base.SocketDBS-0400-0550.png

Independently tested for safety and quality

Full range for incorporation into various build up's and substructures

Part of a full and integrated abseil product range

Product Details

The Edgeseil™ Davit base is available in increments of 50mm in height from flush and 150mm to 650mm with limited options manufactured from hot dip galvanised mild steel, and the standard specifications 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Options are available manufactured Electro-polished or 316 grades for life time warranties.

DBC - Cast-in type with recessed sockets and flexible assembly for easy incorporation into the rebar.

DBS - Surface mounted with 300 x 300  with 4 fixings or 400 x 400 with 5 fixings

DBW - Wall or parapet mounted, with with 300 x 300  with 4 fixings or 400 x 400 with 5 fixings

Davits In use 11.jpg

Safety Information

All safety equipment of this nature needs, by law, regular inspection and maintenance. Maintenance and Retest service and reminders can be provided by our approved testing partners.

Fixed line fall prevention and arrest systems need regular inspection and recertification every 12 months. 

Abseil points and suspensions rails require inspection and re-certification every 6 months.

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