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Approved Partners: Requirements and Benefits.

There are many advantages to become a Sayfa Group Approved partner, from fixed price lists to extended product warranties and access to detailed product training and product demonstrations. We partner with like minded contractors to improve safety, quality and credibility within the height safety sector. Product that are installed correctly and securely with regular testing help improve safety at height.

Approved / Partner Contractor Requirements

  • Evidence of training / competence in BS8610:2017 or BS7883:2019 (this can be courses or testimonials).

  • Certificate of training in resin based anchor fixing, either CFA or ETA manufacturer approved course.

  • IRATA, LEEA, FASET or WAHSA professional membership.

  • Sayfa Group witness of your first installation or a sample installation at our facility.

Approved / Partner Contractor Benefits

  • Flat and Fixed price List

  • Sayfa+ Warranty Periods

  • Shared Files for latest resources

  • Product Training & Demonstration

  • CPD Inclusion & Specification refers based on geography / project location

  • Product testing of project specific variants


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