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Davit Arms - They are not sugar cubes

The number of Davit Arms required for a project should not sound like the quintessential British question of "one lump or two" for your cup of tea.

It should depend on the specific project parameters but it is a question we are often asked, even if the employer's requirements or access strategy specifically identify a quantity.

There are however a few definitive requirements. If the system is designed for single users (due to roof/building structural load limitations for instance), then two Davits must be provided to facilitate safe rescue.

Equally, although Davits are component form and portable, the units are not light to carry between buildings, might be too large for service lifts and no-one even wants to think about the stairs - the buildings being cleaned by rope access for a reason!

Additionally, the duty holder and building owner should consider cleaning times and crew efficiency. Responsible IRATA contractors operate in a team of three, with one level 3 supervisor and two operatives. With a single davit, two of the team are effectively non-productive.

Finally, it can be that multiple outreach davits are required. The projection requirements can vary depending on rooftop socket locations, parapet sizes, and façade elements.

For extended cleaning cycles, Davit arms should project so that there is a naturally extended reach.

Leave the one lump or two questions for your cup of tea, or number or shots of espresso if you prefer……….


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