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HUB Victoria - FallSecure™ Track & EdgeSeil™ Rail

The HUB Victoria is a office and retail development situated just 200m away from Victoria station west London. The development has a distinctive exposed steel work and glass pane façade which creates a striking architectural presence when surrounded by the historic Edwardian town houses. The project involved ground-level refurbishment works to retail spaces, office entrances, public realm combined with a new 3-storey rooftop extension 'The Sky Hub' which provides 100,000 ft2 of Grade A office space with dedicated entrance and Sky Garden.

Hub Victoria Buckingham Palace road

In order to keep the external glass façade & interior glass atrium clean, a safe means of access is required for workers. Sayfa Group EdgeSeil™ Rail was selected as the abseil system, providing safety to users accessing the glass facade for cleaning and maintenance. The FallSecure™ Track was installed as a fall arrest solution to access areas along the roof terraces for maintenance work.

Sayfa Group FallSecure system
FallSecure™ Track

The EdgeSeil™ Rail provides users with a safe means of access to clean and maintain the inner glass panes within the central atrium. This means of access allows trained abseilers to abseil down the glazed façade. The abseil system is ideal for buildings with large glass panes & complex façade designs, which requires regular maintenance and cleaning both internally and externally. The system is ideal for areas which are inaccessible via ground access or ledges.

The FallSecure™ Track provides users with restrained access to areas removing the risk of users entering a fall arrest scenario. A fall restrain/arrest system such as the FallSecure™ track is used in areas, where there is space for the user to access but also carries a serious risk of falling from height. This site now contains a combined +52 metres of FallSecure™ Track & EdgeSeil™ Rail, these systems are situated across 4 floors to provide access across the space.

Glass facade

For more information on our facade access or fall restraint products please email us on or call us on 01509 509 273


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