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Innovative and discreet abseil rail system for facade access.
Cleaning Windows

Abseil rail system

Safely access all areas of the facade for cleaning and regular maintenance with EdgeSeil™ rail facade access system (patent pending).

EdgeSeil™ Rail is a facade access system that gives complete access across the facade along the rail. Suitable for internal and external use the rail provides unrestricted access across the facade.

Abseil Rail System.jpg

Independently tested for safety and quality

Travel across the facade without disconnecting

Efficient facade access system with up to  4 users

Product Details

The EdgeSeil™ Facade Access system is designed to operate as an Abseil system, fall restraint or fall arrest system. EdgeSeil™ is an efficient abseil system compared to traditional options, allows unrestricted access across the facade without the need to disconnect.

EdgeSeil™ rail is designed to be fixed to a substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide a continuous rope access connection point. The rail is supplied with a wheeled connection point which moves smoothly along the track and around any profiled corners and bends, without the need to disconnect.

Continuous rail around the edge of the building.

Move around curves and corners without disconnecting.

Offering access to areas not available by conventional systems.

EdgeSeil Rail.jpg

Safety Information

All safety equipment of this nature needs, by law, regular inspection and maintenance. Maintenance and Retest service and reminders can be provided by our approved testing partners.

Fixed line fall prevention and arrest systems need regular inspection and recertification every 12 months. 

Abseil points and suspensions rails require inspection and re-certification every 6 months.

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