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Personal Fall protection and restraint products such as safety line systems and anchor points.
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FallSecure™ range

A range of personal fall restraint and fall arrest systems designed and tested for all roof types. Easy to use and manufactured from non-ferrous materials, FallSecure™ systems should last for the design life of the building.

Tested to BS8610:2017 and / or EN795:2012 where appropriate, Sayfa Group can be relied upon for your Technical Compliance.

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FallSecure Line

Safety Line system for fall or arrest restraint

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FallSecure Anchor

Mobile fall restraint anchor point

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FallSecure Track

Innovative safety track system for fall restraint or arrest

Fall safety solutions

Fall restraint solutions are used to prevent people falling from the edge of the building when working at height. The latest British Standards such as BS8610:2017 and BS7883:2019 differentiate the product testing and risks between restraint and arrest. Fall arrest permits the user to fall, and there a rescue plan is needed. These solutions are critical for performing maintenance, cleaning, repairs, inspections, and other tasks on high-rise buildings and structures.

Sayfa Group have a number of innovative fall restraint and fall protection solutions, our FallSecure™ Anchor is a portable system that allows safe access near the building edge. 


FallSecure™ Line is a mansafe system or safety line that provides access across the roof. FallSecure™ Track is an innovative alternative to the safety line system, that is more flexible, reduces the visual impact on the roof, is safer and has less ongoing maintenance.


FallSecure systems are tested with fixings to concrete, timber and metal roof systems.

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