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Collective fall protection and safe access products such as guardrails, walkways and more.
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SayfaGuard™ range

A range of collective fall protection and access systems for users to safely navigate across the roof of a building. The SayfaGuard™ range is durable, safe and easy to install. Products safer for designers, users and installers.

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SayfaGuard Rail

Free-standing and fixed guardrail system

Roof Walkway Safety.jpg

SayfaGuard Walkway

Non Slip level walkway system for safe access

Coming Soon
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SayfaGuard Stepover

Step over system for access over obstructions

Coming Soon

Fall protection &  access solutions

Fall protection and access systems are required to work safely at height. These solutions are critical for performing maintenance, cleaning, repairs, inspections, and other tasks on high-rise buildings and roof tops.

Sayfa Group have a number of innovative fall protection systems and height access solutions, our free-standing guardrail system is a easy to install collective safety measure, the SayfaGuard Walkway provides a level, non slip and safe designated path across the building roof. SayfaGuard Stepover allow users to safely navigate or go across vents, air conditioning system, pipes and other systems on the building roof.

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