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Free-Standing guardrail system for edge protection on roofs.
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Guard Rail

SayfaGuard™ rail can be installed on areas of height for temporary or permanent edge protection. Including surfaces with a pitch of up to 10 degrees.

The SayfaGuard™ key clamp system means no welding is required on site and fabrication is kept to a minimum. 

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Independently tested for safety and quality

No on site welding required during installation

Can be colour coded to match roof finish and design

Product Details

The SayfaGuard™ guardrail and handrail is a free standing edge protection system. It doesn't require any penetration into the roof surface and eliminates the risk of damage to the roof surface, making it a safe and easy to install option.


SayfaGuard can be installed as a temporary solution - for a limited period during regular access or work at height and then easily removed without any damage to the surface of the roof. It can also be installed as a permanent system to provide collective fall protection without modification to the roof surface .

Easy to install and remove as a temporary solution.

Collective fall and edge protection from all areas of height.

Free-Standing system means no damage to the roof surface.

Handrail guardrail liferail 11.jpg

Safety Information

All safety equipment of this nature needs, by law, regular inspection and maintenance. Maintenance and Retest service and reminders can be provided by our approved testing partners.

Fixed line fall prevention and arrest systems need regular inspection and recertification every 12 months. 

Abseil points and suspensions rails require inspection and re-certification every 6 months.

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