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Smarter architectural facade solutions such as brise soleil, louvres and more.
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LouvSol range

A range of architectural facade solutions for buildings, includes weather louvres, brise soleil with integrated abseil rail systems options for facade access.

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Brise Soleil with abseil and facade access system

Coming Soon
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Soleil 150 & 300

Brise Soleil for shading and heat control

Coming Soon

Louvre 50,75 & 100

Ventilation and screening louvres 

Coming Soon

Brise Soleil and Louvres

Brise Soleil is a great architectural feature to any property, but crucially also works as a smart shading solution, which reduces heat gain within a property by shading direct sunlight. Brise Soleil is becoming a popular shading and facade solution in the UK and Europe due to recent increases in temperature.

Ventilation and screening louvres allow and manage the passage of air, it also provides screening and privacy, usually around machinery, loading areas for security reasons and improved visual impact.

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