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Handrail guardrail liferail 11.jpg

Product Downloads

EDP-0450 1U.jpg

EdgeSeil Post

Abseil post and anchor point for facade access

ESD-1500-1500 (29.06.2022).jpg

EdgeSeil Davit

Davit Arm system for facade access

Abseil Rail System.jpg

EdgeSeil Rail

Wide range of bases for the EdgeSeil range.

SayfaGroup Hero Image.jpg

EdgeSeil Mobile Davit

Portable, mobile davit system for facade access


EdgeSeil Bases

Davit and Post bases for the Edgeseil range

Sayfa Group FallSecure Line Product Overview.jpg

FallSecure Line

Roof safety line system for work at height

Fall Secure Mobile Anchor.png

FallSecure Anchor

Free-standing, fall protection anchor

SayfaGroup Hero Image.jpg

FallSecure Track

Fall arrest and fall restraint track system.

Handrail Guardrail 17 crop.jpg

SayfaGuard Rail

Free-standing fall protection guard rail system

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