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Quick to deploy, air filled soft landing system.
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Fall Arrest Bag

AirDeck™ is a collective fall arrest system utilising an inflatable air cushion, designed to protect people working at height.

AirDeck™ soft landing system reduces the distance of the fall and softens the impact of landing. It is an innovative and more practical alternative to polystyrene filled bags and air mats that utilise continuous air systems. 

AirDeck Fall arrest.png

Tested to meet performance requirements of PAS 59

Lightweight and portable making it easy to move

Available in a Fire Retardant and Anti Static variant.

Product Details

AirDeck can be used wherever there is a need to protect employees working at height - scaffolding, housing construction, vehicle and aircraft maintenance, loading and unloading lorries and more.

It's portability and speed of deployment means it can be used in areas where other systems are difficult to install or be used alongside those systems to provide greater, more comprehensive protection.

Reduces the distance of the fall and softens the landing.

Freestanding, portable and quick to deploy.

Can be used alongside existing systems to improve compliance or on its own.

airdeck fall arrest.jpg

Visit Website

Visit the AirDeck Website to find out more about the product and its uses, including case studies, videos and more -

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