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Strong, Durable and quick to install working platform for housing and low level construction.
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Work Platform

With a steel design for both strength and durability, RhinoDeck™ was brought to market to give house builders a quick to install safety platform for use inside the house shell during construction.


RhinoDeck provides a means of access and a load and work platform for working safely.


Modular, quick to install system without tools

Work safely at height of up to 4 metres

Free Standing system, does not require external support

Product Details

RhinoDeck’s composition of lightweight components which lock into place without the need for hand
tools or fixings make the Rhino system easy and very fast to install (approximately 50 sqm / hour with only 2 workmen). Its flexibility enables it to follow the wall profile, around L-shapes and irregularities

Being completely self-supportive, the Rhino system does not rely on your external or party walls for lateral support. Its composition of premium grade steel components, coated on all surfaces with a highly durable coating against corrosion.

Faster build and greater productivity for users

Readily accepted by both contractors and scaffolders

Innovative Height Safety Deck System and Work and Load Platform in one

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Visit Website

Visit the RhinoDeck Website to find out more about the product and its uses, including case studies, videos and more -

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