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Testing and inspection for safe access walkways at height.

Walkway inspection

Access walkways are common feature on most rooftops and they provide a stable, non-slip and guided platform for people to walk across. It can help avoid delicate areas of the roof such as skylights and also provide a safe route around wires, pipes and other potentially dangerous roof equipment.

It is recommended walkways be tested for compliance at least once every 12 months.


Tested by LEEA trained technicians

Manufacturers and designers of the safety equipment

Qualified testing available across the UK

Service Details

Sayfa Testing and Training can test and certify all work at height equipment. We manufacture, design and install walkways and have the expertise to test, inspect and carry out any remedial works so you stay compliant and your people stay safe when working or accessing areas at height.


Extreme weather conditions, general wear and tear, rust, changes or additions to the roof layout and other factors can cause the access walkway to move from its position or not provide the safety it should. Regular inspection ensures the equipment works as intended and is not a risk to people working at height.

Tested by the product designers and manufacturers.

Test and Remedial works can be done in minimal visits.

Get regular testing reminders and detailed test and certification history for easy management.

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All safety equipment needs, by law, regular inspection and maintenance. Stay compliant and legal by ensuring all your inspection and testing is done on time, by qualified people. 

Regular testing keeps intact the product warranty and also meets requirements of most insurance providers.

Get in touch now to book your retest and certification.

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