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Integrated abseil and brise soleil system
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SolSeil System

Aesthetics, solar shading and building maintenance access, all wrapped in one attractive package.


 SolSeil™ is an innovative shading product that improves solar shading for greener more efficient buildings and provides safe and easy access for regular facade maintenance.

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Independently tested for safety and quality

Improves efficiency and reduces heat gain

Can be colour coded to match building finish and design

Product Details

The SolSeil™ System is manufactured from 6082-T6 structural aluminium - available in a range of finishes such as anodised or powder coated to match the building exterior. Brise Soleil has great value as an aesthetic product that improves the exterior design of the building, but the main purpose is solar shading and improving efficiency.

Brise Soleil can make accessing the facade for repairs or maintenance tricky - SolSeil has an integrated abseil rail system that allows unrestricted access across the building facade. The abseil rail has a low visual profile as an independent product and integrates seamlessly within the design

Horizontal and vertical facade access.

Integrated brise soleil and facade access system.

Low visual impact on the building design.

New Brise soleil renders 5.png

Safety Information

All safety equipment of this nature needs, by law, regular inspection and maintenance. Maintenance and Retest service and reminders can be provided by our approved testing partners.

Fixed line fall prevention and arrest systems need regular inspection and recertification every 12 months. 

Abseil points and suspensions rails require inspection and re-certification every 6 months.

This product is currently in design & testing stage and is not available for purchase. More information and details on product launch will be shared on our social channels

Contact us to discuss more details about the product.

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