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FallSecure Safety Post Product Launch

Continuing its launch programme, Sayfa Group has innovated the traditional safety post, working to the company's unique 25³ NPD philosophy:

  • 25% saving to install

  • 25% reduction in cost

  • 25% less environmental impact

FallSecure™ Post (patent pending) is manufactured from 6082-T6 structural aluminium and 316 stainless components.

Fully SATRA tested to BS810:2017 for three users and 14kN rated the maximum system size is 144m with 12m post centres. The system has intermediate, corner and end brackets with shock absorbers and tension forks. As with all Sayfa products weather caps are available in high visibility safety yellow or discreet grey.

The posts provide a hybrid functionality, offering a SLS that prevents accidental deployment and yet also prevents or significantly reduces forces deployed to the roof structure.

With a range of post heights from 180mm to 650mm all weighing less than 5kg, risks with manual handling are much reduced, and carbon contributions from logistics cut significantly.

Sayfa+ partner contractors benefit from a proprietary fixing method, reducing the necessity for rebar cutters and drill depth/diametre, helping the product achieve 25% saving in on-site labour.

With a 30-year warranty, which increases to 60 years with Sayfa+ approved contractors installation and annual inspection, the materials are almost 100% recyclable. Of all aluminium extracted it is estimated 75% remains in use.


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