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Design & Development: FallSecure Anchor

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The Sayfa FallSecure Anchor has been well received within the industry - as a practical and accessible safety solution combined with good ergonomics and design.

At Sayfa our ambition is to create safe, innovative, practical safety systems - designing these systems is far from straight forward. Read about the design process of the FallSecure Anchor with comments an innovative finished product.

“Safety and portability were the key aspects we focused on when designing the solution. Easy and quick to install systems can improve safety at height” Product Designer, Sayfa FallSecure Anchor

We went through a number of designs and systems as part of the journey to develop the best mobile man anchor product. Analysing each system and design in detail - identifying potential issues and complications at install and user level which is often overlooked, with most products designed to meet minimum cost and safety requirements.

Our focus on ergonomics and the end user is one the reasons the product was so well received. The final design is visually pleasing but it also serves a purpose - no component in the FallSecure Anchor weighs over 20kg, making it easy to carry, assemble and disassemble.

The weight shapes are also designed for easy carrying and handling. The design minimises the use of nuts and bolts and where they are required we use wing nuts so the assembly can be tool free for ease of use.

All Sayfa products are modular in designed and can be used as a suite of systems for improved safety and convenience. Find out more about our height safety products.


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