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Tarun Prema - Designing the future of Safety

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

We sat down with our new Product Designer, Tarun Prema. Tarun joined Sayfa Group in June 2023 and has quickly become involved in a range of aspect in the business.


Tarun graduated with a degree in Product Design from Coventry University. Before working for Sayfa Group Tarun's portfolio included a range of intricate products and devices typically involving aluminium structures. Tarun's skills, past experience and knowledge will further improve the product design department at Sayfa and allow us to create more innovative safety and facade solutions.

Design at Sayfa Group

Tarun has hit the ground running, starting in June this year, Tarun has been involved in implementing product design updates and material. Tarun has also had the chance to bring a concept through to the design stage, working on the latest iteration of the new SayfaGuard rail and other new product developments set for release in the coming month.

In addition to his design work, Tarun has been gaining hands on experience of the manufacturing process for a number of Sayfa Group products. Having practical experience of the products will naturally better inform the design process.

"The practical side is so important and often overlooked in businesses, seeing the designs, watching them being assembled and installed gives me valuable information about the product and where we can make changes and improvements" Tarun Prema

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