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Ideal Products for Height Safety in Construction


When it comes to working at height the official guidance from the HSE is to "Avoid work at height where it is reasonably practicable to do so". This is difficult to achieve in most industries, in construction for example, the building is often increasing in height and any platform needs to be temporary, quick to install and remove, and robust enough to carry workers, tools, and materials. Additionally, the platform must also be stable, solid, and secure in order to instil confidence in the user and to enable them to carry out their work quickly and efficiently.

Other issues are that it must be entirely self-supporting as bracing against freshly built walls may damage the walls themselves and waiting for the mortar to set is, of course, time lost. Add to this that it must survive a building site environment and so needs to be strong, durable, and resistant to weather extremes.

The most common solution for this scenario is conventional scaffolding – but this is slow to install & dismantle and difficult to configure for small domestic buildings.


Rhino Deck is an all-steel lightweight decking solution that is quick to install (50m2/hour with a team of two) and critically is self-bracing stable and secure. It will accept loads of 600kgs/M2 which means that it can be used for access, loading and also as a work platform. With the addition of the Rhino Deck Load Point bay the maximum weight capacity increases to 1800kg/per bay.

As the ground floor build rises above comfortable working height a Rhino platform is installed (typically at 1.8 metres) and work continues installing the joists and raising the walls to first floor level. The platform is then re-installed on the first floor to complete the build and to install the roof trusses.

Rhino Deck also demonstrates versatility outside house construction wherever a temporary access, load and work platform is required.

To learn more about Rhino Deck visit our website:

AirDeck is an air cushion rapidly inflated on site. Once inflated (an operation that takes only 30-40 seconds/unit) the unit measures 750mm x 750mm x 2100mm and covers an area of 1.5 m2. They can be linked together with quick, click-link buckles to cover the required area.

They are tested to and far exceed the requirements of PAS 59:2014 and are a good fall protection safety solution, as AirDeck is a collective and passive system. Once installed the worker need take no individual action to be protected. AirDeck Original, Safety Lock, and Safety Cover all provide a soft landing solution for falls from up to 2.75m. The AirDeck Safety Layer increases this range providing protection up to 5.5m.

AirDeck is increasingly finding applications outside construction as, due to the fact that it can be rapidly inflated and deflated and is therefore easily transported and stored, it offers a good solution for mobile fall protection and is used by removal companies, companies installing prefabricated and temporary structures, companies involved in maintenance and also on board ships – anywhere mobile and quickly deployed fall protection might be required.

To learn more about AirDeck visit our website:


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