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The Sayfa Group experience - Alfie Hayes

We sat down with Alfie Hayes, our new Business Account Manager to talk about his new role and how it improves the Sayfa Group experience for our customers.

My role as business account manager is to continue to develop and maintain our customer accounts and work to improve our relationship with Architects and Consultants, strengthening Sayfa Group's position as a competitive and premier manufacturer of safety products.

Great service sits at the core of Sayfa Group - we understand there are always challenges but it's important to keep communicating with customers and work hard to find solutions to challenges. I previously worked within the wider Propco group and was involved with the testing of the Sayfa Group systems and products, that first hand technical product knowledge helps me provide a better service to customers.

I enjoy seeing the full process and from concept to production, working closely with the design department to help understand these details and the benefits of using Sayfa Group products. Knowledge on the technical aspects of the product is key to advise customers on the best product solution.

I'll be your first point of contact for everything Sayfa Group - for any questions or information on our products, give me call on 01509 509 273.


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